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Kinto-Un is a magical yellow cloud that serves as a mode of transportation for those unable to use Bukujutsu. Goku obtains the Kinto-Un from Muten Roshi as a consolation for saving Umigame. It served Goku and his sons well by acting as a way for them to fly around at high speeds without using up ki.


A mysterious cloud that Goku received from Kame-sennin for saving his pet turtle, Umigame. It flies through the air according to the will of its passenger. It will come flying when called by its master, or anyone who its master has granted permission to summon it. Kinto-Un was originally created by the cat sage Karin who lives atop Karin Tower. By nature, it is a giant cloud, and the Kinto-Un that Goku has is no more than a piece of the original. Those who have climbed Karin Tower and obtained the Super Holy Water can be approved by Karin to take with them a piece as big as they like, as long as they are pure of heart. Unfortunately, it can't go higher than Karin Tower, as Karin's main job is to prevent the unworthy from meeting Kami and owning a Kinto-Un does not necessarily grant you this right. Kinto-Un can freely control its speed, from completely motionless to super high speeds up to 400 mph, normal vehicles like bikes are no match for it. While only the pure of heart may actually ride it, the cloud will support inanimate objects lain upon it, which of course are free of any such particular alignment.

While Kinto-Un are normally indestructible by any means, Goku had his obliterated by Piccolo Daimao's son, Tambourine, who accomplished this feat due to being born a member of the Mazoku. Karin bid him to cut out as much as he liked from the gigantic Kinto-Un as his new cloud, however, Goku only took the same size as his previous one. Karin has also shown that he owns a Dark Kinto-Un for those who are impure, but it is used only to prevent those who climbed the tower from getting stronger by climbing back down. He also has full control over the dark version at all times, and can even cause the person riding it to fall through whenever he desires.


Pure Kinto-Un

  • Karin (Creator)
  • Son Goku
  • Chi Chi
  • Lunch (Pure persona)

Dark Kinto-Un


  • Kinto-Un is one of the two items that Goku possessed that mimics the character "Sun Wukong" in the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, the other is the Nyoibo.

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