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Alias(es) Beers
Alignment Neutral (Chaotic)
Occupation Hakaishin
Residence Hakaishin Temple,
Hakaishin Realm
Goal(s) To defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Eye color      
Skin color      
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Birus is a humanoid, cat-like creature. Borrowing most of his features from the Cornish Rex breed, he is hairless and has overly large, pointed ears. His skin is purple, and his eyes have yellow sclera and black pupils. His clothing is reminiscent of Egyptian garb; with blue pants, a dark blue obi and brown booties. He wears various sorts of jeweled accessories, including gold bands around his arms, wrists, ankles, neck and in one ear, and a black gorgerine with blue and red accents and white trim. A piece of cloth with a similar design hangs from his obi.



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The Kaiōshin (Gods of the World Kings) are beings who posses powers beyond human comprehension. In the absence of the Sozōshin (God of Creation), they hold the power of "creation"; providing the catalyst for stars, planets and life-forms to be born within the universe. The one who possesses the power and authority of "destruction" is the Hakaishin (God of Destruction), Birus; a being who even strikes fear into the Kaiōshin themselves. His power is truly in another dimension altogether.

In order to make room for new creations, the Hakaishin uses his power to destroy that which already exists. Birus slumbers for years or even decades on end, with his awakening signifying the upcoming destruction of planets. The repeated creation and destruction allows the universe to be revitalized; this cycle maintains the balance of the macrocosm as a whole. Even though the destruction is required, these periods where he is awake are restless days for the Kaiōshin, as he does not act on the their orders and destroys according to his own individual judgment. Nobody knows how many planets will fall victim to him and he is capricious enough to obliterate important worlds without a second thought.

As a gourmet, he lives in a temple within a giant tree, which is always stocked with fish and whatnot. Being so fickle in nature, Birus occasionally finds his job bothersome and will let others act as an agent of destruction in his stead. And though he does have a playful side as well, if his wrath is incurred, he will not hesitate to destroy all nearby life and planets.

In AGE 737, the year of Goku's birth, the Oracle Fish foretold that a strong warrior would appear before him in *Undecided* years. In AGE *Undecided*. several years after the titanic battle with *Undecided*, the Hakaishin awakens from his long slumber. Birus asks Whis whether Freeza destroyed planet Vegeta during his nap. His attendant confirms that Vegeta has indeed been destroyed, but his agent of destruction was later killed by a Saiyan who survived the genocide and transformed into the thing Freeza feared most; a Super Saiyan. Whis explains that almost all of the Saiyans who survived now live on Earth, including Son Goku/Kakarotto, the one who defeated Freeza. Birus peers into the past and recognizes Goku from a dream he had, but mentions that he looks..."different". Regardless, the duo head to North Kaiō's planet in search of Son Goku, who is so ecstatic that a tough enemy has appeared one again that he ignores Kaiō’s advice and fights Birus. Even with Super Saiyan 3, Goku is helpless against the Hakaishin's overwhelming power and is utterly defeated.

The duo leaves for Earth in search of Prince Vegeta, who desperately tries to prevent the Hakaishin from getting angry, but shit hits the fan anyway. All of the planet's heroes rise up to prevent their world's destruction, but Birus's power proves to be too much for everyone to handle...


  • Bukujutsu - A basic ki manipulation technique, on par with the ki blast, that anyone familiar with ki is able to use. By emitting ki from the entire body, the user is able to propel their self through the air. The speed at which the user is able to fly is related to their level of skill and the size of their ki.
  • Destructive Coda - A light purple finger beam technique that holds a lot of destructive power in a small, projectile attack. The user extends the index finger of their left hand, and proceeds to briefly wave it left and right as if conducting a musical ensemble before firing at the target.
  • Destructive Hymn - A ki sphere technique that boasts unbelievable destructive power. The user holds out their arms, perpendicular to the rest of their body and generates a medium-size, flaming ki orb in each hand. The user then raises them up above their head and combines them into a single, massive technique that resembles the sun before launching it at the opponent.
  • Destructive Resonance - A purple ki technique that travels at a sluggish pace briefly after launch. After a short period, the blast instantly picks up speed and causes a ripple-like effect that decimates the entire surface of a planet upon impact. The attack makes any planet unable to support life for an extended period of time.
  • Destuctive Tremolo - A technique where the user fires consecutive ki blasts at the opponent in an attempt to overwhelm them with the sheer number of energy bullets to defend against. Typically used in a fit of rage, when unable to think up a better plan of action and the user just wants to let out their anger.
  • Kiai - This attacks your opponent by firing an invisible, gigantic bundle of ki while letting out a great yell. It is capable of taking the enemy by surprise and send the opponent flying. It can also be used to extinguish a ki manipulation attack merely by increasing your own ki.
  • Kikoha - A technique that materializes the user’s internal energy outside the body, shooting it off as a projectile weapon. The effect and size varies based on the amount of ki used and the skill behind the manipulation. The basic technique can be fired in two types of shapes, beams or spheres, but others are possible.
  • "Pressure Point Strike" – A technique which, by touching certain pressure points on an opponent's body, the user can incite effects, such as paralysis or unconsciousness. Enough prolonged pressure on such vulnerable points can also kill the opponent.
  • "Structure Manipulation" - The ability to change one material into another, like sand, by simply touching it.
  • "Ki shield that sends out ki blasts too - "Name", for now...


  • Birus' name, ビルス/Birusu, is taken from the Japanese spelling of "beers", though it was originally meant to be based off "virus".
  • Birus was modeled off a 14-year-old Cornish Rex that lives with Toriyama.
  • Scriptwriter Yūsuke Watanabe originally intended Birus to be a god that infects people with evil, and was the reason for the Saiyan race becoming so ruthless.

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